Photography with Anne Whitty

Beginner Photography
For Adults
1 day class
September 4th, October 10th, and November 7th 7-8:30pm
$35 per student
3 student minimum must be registered within 1 week of start date
10 student maximum

The students will learn how to use the creative automatic modes on their cameras. By the end of the class, students will understand what each automatic mode will do to their photographs so that they can choose the right creative automatic mode for any situation.

Supplies needed: Camera, Camera Manual, Notebook, and Pen

Intermediate Photography- Photographing in Manual Mode
For adults
2 day workshop
September 12th and 26th 10am-Noon
October 11th and 25th 10am-Noon
November 8th and 22nd 10am-Noon
$70 per student
3 student minimum must be reached within 1 week of the start date
10 student maximum

The students will learn how to use their camera in manual mode. In this class students will learn about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, the exposure graph, focal points, and much more. This is a two day workshop with a photography homework assignment due during the second glass. There are no prerequisites, however, students should come knowing the basics of their camera. 

Supply List: Camera, Camera manual, Notebook, Pen

Learn more about Ann Whitty at

Drawing and Painting with Gen Fraser

Drawing Intensive
Ages 10-15
Every Saturday in October 
$120 per student

Students will engage in a technical observational drawing course. They will develop the practical skills needed to form a solid foundation in 2-dimensional artmaking and artmaking in general. The course will culminate in a final project.

3 student minimum within 1 week of class start date

Experimental Painting
Ages 8-12
Every Saturday in October
$80 per student

Students will try their hand at a variety of unconventional painting techniques. This course will give them an opportunity to challenge themselves creatively and see the practice of painting through new eyes.

3 student minimum within 1 week of class start

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Wander Art Workshops

Wander Art Pop Up Workshops are coming to The Creative and Performing Arts of South County this Fall!
Workshops for Ages 6 and up, Homeschool and After school classes.
Wander Wednesdays and amazing multimedia creativity!
Register directly through Wander Art Studio at
Sign up for Placement classes online with the sign up genius:


Ballet Classes!

The Fall semester begins September 9th!

Girl Scout Troop 1572

Homeschooled Girl Scouts Meet-N-Greet!

Troop 01572 will be hosting an open meeting for those who are undecided about joining or want more information.

Stop by on Wednesday, September 4th at 2 pm. Just message us for more information.

We are looking for girls who are 8-12 years old to join us for adventures, crafts, badges, hiking, field trips and games. We currently meet the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 2 pm in Edgewater.

Find us on Facebook!
Contact Melissa for more information at:

Music Classes!